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Welcome to my QBasic stuff! Below are programs that makes use of graphics commands similar to those found on 8-bit computers such as the Amstrad CPC 464 and BBC Micro.

Back in 2000 I had a lot of old computer books full of BASIC type-ins for 8-bit computers of the early '80s. However, the only programming environment I had access to at the time was QBasic 1.0 on library PCs. Although QBasic already had an extensive range of graphics commands it lacked the kind of graphics commands I was looking for to easily translate type-ins. Because of this I decided to use what QBasic had to come up with the graphics commands I wanted. (This was before free internet access became available in libraries and I found out about 8-bit computer emulators!)


firmware.png Firmware.bas

(9.4KB zipped)
(46.7KB unzipped)

This is the program on which all the others are based. It was developed on a 350MHz Pentium II using Windows NT 4. It might run OK on a 200MHz Pentium but the specification I would recommend is a 400MHz Celeron with AGP graphics or better.
3dplot.png 3DPlot.bas

(9.7KB zipped)
(46.7KB unzipped)

This is a conversion of a program from the book The Amstrad CPC 464 Advanced User Guide by Mark Harrison (©1984, Sigma Press). On a real Amstrad it took forever to run but the conversion takes only a few seconds on the development machine mentioned above.
svaders.png SVaders.bas

(10.8KB zipped)
(51.3KB unzipped)

This is also a conversion, this time of Spectrum Invaders. It was taken from the book The Spectrum Book of Games by Mike James (©1983, Granada Publishing). The conversion not only has the bugs removed from the original but also has optional extras like an instruction screen and a sound on/off toggle.

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Character Sets

Below are some character sets developed for use with firmware.bas programs. Simply copy the relevant data lines from the required character set file and paste over the same lines present in the firmware.bas program you're developing.

'77set.png '77Set.bas

(1.5KB zipped)
(9.4KB unzipped)
ascset.png ASCSet.bas

(1.5KB zipped)
(9.4KB unzipped)
cpcset.png CPCSet.bas

(2.5KB zipped)
(9.4KB unzipped)
datset.png DatSet.bas

(1.5KB zipped)
(9.4KB unzipped)
ibmset.png IBMSet.bas

(2.2KB zipped)
(9.4KB unzipped)

Note: This is the default character set used in firmware.bas.

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The basic files required to run QBasic 1.1 are:

Additional program files that used to come with QBasic 1.1 are:

Finally, you can contact me if you would like any help or advice on how to use the routines in firmware.bas.

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Last updated: 5th February 2004